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During the entire period of mining, that is, from 2009 to our time, for the production of electronic currencies used such devices and components:

the Central processor of an ordinary computer, with which now almost no crypto currency is mined – the hardware capabilities of the CPU are not enough for serious earnings

video cards, the main peak of which fell on the beginning of 2010-at the same time on each computer or "farm" installed up to 6-8 GPUs (but again, to generate a block of bitcoin is not enough power)

FPGA – used a few years ago, special devices for calculating the hash, characterized by low power consumption and high price

ASIC miners – equipment for industrial mining, the principle of which is to optimize computation by a special algorithm (SHA256 for bitcoin, Scipt for Litecoin, etc.)

Main and General characteristics of mining equipment

A large number of brands and models of equipment are used for mining. But there are General characteristics by which it is possible to estimate its quality approximately:


The Hashrate of mining equipment shows how many hash functions the device iterates over per second. From this indicator depends on how many coins cryptocurrency will get the equipment. The higher the Hashrate, the more the miner will earn.

Price of equipment

The most important characteristic of top Bitcoin miners. Prices start from 1 thousand USD for the simplest graphics cards and can reach up to 10 thousand dollars — for modern productive ASIC-equipment. On what price the equipment is bought, depends when it will pay off and whether it will pay off in General.

Power consumption of equipment

In the process of mining equipment consumes a large amount of electricity. Depending on the energy efficiency of top Bitcoin miners, it takes from 10% to 100% of total revenue to pay bills.

Encryption algorithm

Each cryptocurrency works on some kind of encryption algorithm. It is the hash functions encrypted by a certain algorithm that are decided by Bitcoin mining hardware for sale, the choice of which depends on which crypto-currencies you can produce. For example, all cryptocurrencies can be mined on video cards. But currency for which the specialized ASIC equipment, mine maps is not profitable.

Payback It is very difficult to predict the payback period of the equipment, as it depends on two constantly changing factors:

Change in cryptocurrency exchange rate

Increasing mining difficulty

The top Bitcoin miners 2020 can only calculate the current payback taking into account the cost of buying equipment and the price of electricity.

The decision to purchase the top miner of Bitcoin depends on these characteristics.

But also there are a number of less significant characteristics, about which you should not forget: dimensions, noise at work, the presence of cooling, manufacturer’s warranty and so on.

What type of bitcoin mining hardware for sale is the most popular now?

At the moment, everyone who is engaged in mining, use only two types of equipment – a video card or top Bitcoin miners 2019.
One graphics card counts dozens of times more hashes than any CPU. A sharp increase in Hashrate contributed to the ability to create entire farms from graphics cards. As a rule, one processor is installed on one motherboard. In the case of farms, one motherboard is connected from 4 to 8 cards at the same time. The most popular for Ethereum are NVIDIA cards, including GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080, as well as their improved versions with the prefix Ti.

Pros and cons

The advantages of using GPU assemblies include the availability of production of almost any electronic currency and minimal noise during operation. In addition, the Assembly is easier to repair and upgrade, and, if necessary, sell.
Among the disadvantages of such a device is a small reliability, transportation problems and the need for constant updating of drivers. Top miner of Bitcoins will give you profit much faster.

Top ASIC miners have a huge Hashrate, but mining is available only on one currency encryption algorithm. The appearance of most powerful bitcoin miner 2019 completely replaced miners on video cards with algorithms SHA-256, Scrypt, X11, Qubit and Quark. Popular for bitcoin mining include Antminer S9. The ideal ASIC miner should show maximum performance with minimum power consumption.
Among the advantages that miner receives when buying top ASIC miners, it is worth noting the fast start-up of the equipment, no need for constant software updates, increased reliability (ASICs break much less PC and mining farms) and minimum requirements to get started (to use most powerful bitcoin miner 2019 requires only an Internet connection and power supply).

The disadvantages of top Bitcoin miner include problems with repair and limited supported algorithms (and, hence, currencies). In addition, the device is quite noisy, and it is desirable to install it in a separate room. And ASIC are almost impossible to upgrade.
Sum up. Only the best, and therefore expensive equipment can ensure the continuity and efficiency of mining. This is quite a complex process, without a large amount of technical knowledge to build a farm, which will be a good investment is problematic.
That is why such projects are created for ordinary users who want to effortlessly join the mining process with top Bitcoin miner. The equipment has already been purchased, already set up and is ready to make a profit. The user only needs to connect to this simplified process dozens of times!

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